Growing Safety Concerns Along U.S. Hwy 45

CLARKE CO. – If you’ve driven on the newly paved section of U.S. Highway 45 at night and during inclimate weather conditions then you may also be among hundreds of people who have complaints about visibility issues while traveling.

From March until mid November of 2018 when the overlaying project came through Clarke County the newly paved surface has seemed to lack the proper stripes and markings to complete the job.

According to Mississippi Department of Transportation District Six Engineer Kelly Castleberry (Hattiesburg, MS). The striping project was halted due to repeated downpours in the month of December. Castleberry tells CCHT in a phone conversation held Monday afternoon that the Highway 45 project currently has temporary striping until the others can be placed on the pavement.

MDOT says usually the stripes and reflecting markings applied roughly ten days after the completion of the road project, however rain, fog and other inclimate elements can often times hinder that process.

With driver safety number one in mind, Castleberry went on to say that thermoplastic stripes and reflective road markers will be placed on U.S. Highway 45 to make visibility and traveling safer for the motoring public in the near future.

There is no certain time frame on when the new stripes and markers will be applied. However MDOT Officials are doing everything they can to get the project finished as quickly as possible.

If you would like to express your concerns about this issue you may call the Mississippi Department of Transportation District Office in Hattiesburg, MS at 601-544-6511.