Amazing Sportsmanship Shown by Burt

CCHT FANS BUZZING ABOUT LAST YELLOWJACKETS PLAY -Although the hard-fought Enterprise / Union game was full of great plays and highlights, the play that’s received the most attention and has everyone talking is that of #7 Parks Burt of the Bulldogs who went over and consoled Yellowjackets player #6 Kaleb Casey after a failed attempt 4th down pass catch. Deep in their own territory and with .58 seconds on the play-clock to end the game, 4th down and 5 to go, Union QB #2 Xavier Boler dropped back to make a final pass effort for a 1st down. The pass was intended for and dropped by #6 Casey which ultimately turned the play over on downs, gave Enterprise the ball and a first down with .50 seconds remaining in the ballgame. After the drop, Casey hit the ground knowing it was a heartbreaking loss. The game was in its final seconds and Bulldogs were well on their way to victory, but instead of celebrating, Parks Burt immediately ran over and consoled the heartbroken player along with two others which is shown in the video clip below. This is a true act of kindness and sportsmanship shown by Burt and it has social media buzzing about the show of courtesy and professionalism. We know there were many other plays but the final play of the EHS / UHS game was one for the books when it comes to mankind for this show of virtue, sincerity and righteousness. Good Job Parks Burt, you honorably deserve this recognition!