Quitman PD to Enforce New Traffic Signs During School Operations.

Some may have noticed the new traffic signs located at the intersection of South Jackson Ave. and East Franklin Street in Quitman. The signs are pertaining to the hours of operation in which school traffic is congested. The “right Turn Only” signs are posted in place and are designed to east the traffic flow during busy times.

Anyone who’s had to drop-off or pick-up a child knows the frustration of having to sit and wait in line for a vehicle to turn left, when they could easily make a right turn and make the block in the amount of time it takes to wait on traffic.

CCHT spoke with Quitman Police Chief Mike McCarra who tells us the new traffic signs will indeed be enforced, however, he wants to give everyone time to adjust. School Officials along with the City of Quitman hopes this will ease traffic congestion during those peak hours when school is in operation.

We ask for everyone to share this and help get the word out about the “right Turn Only” which will be enforced soon.

The hours are listed on the sign and are as follows:

7 – 8 am and 3 – 4 pm on weekdays when school / busses are in session and in transit. and on Wednesday’s from 1:50 – 2:50 pm.

Thanks for sharing and helping traffic flow easier without long waits.