CLARKE CO. – Emergency Officials responded to the scene of five (5) accidents over the past 48 hours (Thursday and Friday). One accident was reported on County Road 130 where a vehicle left the road and struck mailboxes along the way. There were no injuries involved.

Another accident occurred a few minutes later on County Road 120 where a vehicle was left unoccupied sitting in the ditch. Deputies were able to locate the driver where no injuries were involved in this accident.
Two other accidents were also reported later; One on Highway 18 inside the Village of Pachuta where two vehicles collided near Interstate 59 and the gas stations. There were no injuries in that accident.

Then, Emergency Officials responded to the scene of a one vehicle rollover accident on Interstate 59 near the 132 mile marker (south of the S. Enterprise exit) where one person who was unrestrained was ejected from the vehicle as it rolled several times.

Clarke County Sheriff Deputies, State Troopers with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Paratech EMS, Enterprise and Pachuta Fire Departments responded to this scene. One person was transported to a Meridian Hospital for injury evaluation after being thrown from the vehicle.

The fifth and final accident of this story occurred on Highway 145 south of Shubuta near the Clarke / Wayne County Line where a vehicle sideswiped the bridge while leaving town. Officials reported the driver appeared to have been intoxicated due to their on-scene investigation and evidence that was found. However there was no vehicle / driver found which had left prior to their arrival.