Who Has Your Vote?

Voter turnout was very low across Clarke County and The State of Mississippi this past Tuesday. However, US Congress Candidate, Michael Cassidy won in a majority of Counties across the state (including Clarke) over incumbent Congressman, Michael Guest.

Since election night, the buzz around Clarke County, as well as other areas across the state is now shaping up to be a highly contested run-off election.

Many local folks we’ve spoken with, say they supported Guest in the 2018 election, but will now vote different this time around; Citing major differences in Guest political agenda that has altered his course of action.

According to recent poll numbers across the state, Cassidy holds just over a 3% lead at 16,551 (48.5%) votes over Guest, who is currently sitting in second place at 15,482 (45.4%) votes.

There was another 2,062 votes that was cast for Candidate Thomas Griffin, who obtained only 6% of the votes, which most are saying they will back Cassidy over the current congressional leadership.

From all accounts, it certainly appears local Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers and other First Responders have either began to endorse and/or focus their support for the Cassidy, “America First” campaign in the up-coming run-off election.

CCHT would like to ask, how many people will be casting your vote on Tuesday, June 28th?