High Speed Chase Ends at Clarke County Jail

A high speed chase Friday morning left one person in custody at the Clarke County Jail.

Chief Deputy Barry White tells CCHT that the chase started and ended at the county jail when Dennis Gates came to speak with an investigator about a report that was previously taken. Gates, being displeased with the report engaged in a verbal altercation with investigators at the jail.

Gates then got in his vehicle a gold 4 door Buick and fled the jail at a high rate of speed almost crashing into on-coming vehicles.

Deputies began pursing Gates where speeds reached well over 100 mph on Highway 512. The chase then turned on County Road 120 and continued down County Road 130 etc…

Gates, using back-roads circled back around and headed back towards Highway 512 from Elwood where Quitman Police Officers and other County Deputies were close behind and/or had access roads blocked off.

Gates made his way back onto Highway 512 after avoiding other law enforcement officers and pulled back into the Clarke County Jail parking lot where he was taken into custody.

Chief White says Gates was walked from the parking lot inside the jail without incident and will face multiple charges for eluding police.

We will post further on this as soon as we have details available to us.