Smoke Alarm Prevents Loss of Life in Hopewell

Chief Deputy Barry White

Chief Deputy Barry White tells CCHT that Hopewell Volunteer Fire Fighters along with Deputies from the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department responded a reported smoke alarm call on County Road 145.

The call came into Clarke County Dispatch at approx. 9:30 p.m. where emergency officials were immediately sent to the residence to check things out.

Chief White says at the time of arrival of both the volunteer firefighter and Deputies, the homeowner was still inside the home while the home was continuing to fill with smoke.

Authorities were able to gain entry into the home and assist the medically disabled homeowner out of the smoke and into safety.

White says Paratech EMS was called to the scene to check on the well-being of the homeowner for possible smoke-inhalation which ended up not being transported. Family members arrived at the home soon thereafter to ensure she would be taken care of.

Firefighters were able to find and contain the source of smoke, which ended up being a oven causing the mishaps.

Chief Deputy Barry White would like to commend everyone involved for their quick response and action on this call last night.