Arnold the Pig Captured at Skidmore’s

ARNOLD, the Quitman Pig was captured today by the Famous Trapper “Honky Tonk” outside of Skidmores Restaurant. Although he will NOT be a tasty treat on the menu, it’s still unclear why he came to the “Butcher Shop” to be rescued.

Quitman Mayor Eddie Fulton says, “I will remove the “Be on the Lookout” alert for the capture of Arnold the Pig. Sorry that Arnold will probably not be shown on a T-Shirt”.

So far we have had cows, goats, alligators, emus, pigs, snakes, and horses along our roads inside the city limits.

Speaking of “Goats” the mysterious Quitman Goat that lead city and county officials on a low speed foot pursuit has yet to be seen or heard from since. Some sources say he possibly fled the area and went into hiding awaiting to make another appearance again soon. ?

What’s next for the City of Quitman??

We shall see. To be continued…….