Cranford Announces Candidacy for QSD School Board

I’m Jonathan Cranford, and I’m running for Quitman School Board Trustee, Place 1 on November 2, 2021. I am a husband, father, farmer and lifetime resident of Clarke County. I’m an active member of several local boards, including Clarke County Farm Bureau, Clarke County Livestock Association, 4-H, Soil and Water Conservation District, and I enjoy striving for “better.” I stand up for what I believe in, even if I am standing alone.

With your vote and support, I will work to promote positive change in hopes of improving the education of our children and to bring fiscal responsibility/accountability that the taxpayers of Quitman School District deserve.

If elected, I can assure you that I will ask the hard questions that often times get pushed aside or ignored, such as the following:- Why is it such a common question for parents in Quitman School District to ask, “Where are you sending your kids to school?” Our district continues to lose students and valuable teachers to surrounding schools.- Why does QSD rank in the bottom 50% of all 144 schools in Mississippi?- Why is the high school graduation rate only 76%, whereas the national average in Mississippi was 87.7% for the 2019-2020 school year?- Why are management positions such as Superintendent filled with people who are from out of town? Why not fill that position with someone who is local, qualified and vested in our community?- How are we ever supposed to attract more business and industry when we don’t have a strong school system to offer incoming families?

I’m sick and tired of the negativity in this county, especially when it comes to our school district. It is time for “better”… it is time for improvement so that our children and grandchildren have a better future.

Elect me and I assure you, you’ll see a fight for change; after all, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”(ppa)