Emergency Officials recently responded to the scene of a hit-&-run accident on Highway 512 this evening.

Upon arrival officials tell CCHT the white car was struck by another vehicle on the bridge just before County Road 130, where the vehicle fled the scene going towards Highway 18 West.

While emergency crews were tending to the first accident, another accident was reported, also on Highway 512 near the bad curve before Highway 18. (Souenlovie Creek).

Clarke County Sheriff Deputies responded to the second scene and after a brief investigation, determined the gray Dodge Charger was in fact the hit-&-run vehicle.

The driver, a Laurel man who barley missed the same power pole that has been taken out multiple times, admitted to law enforcement officers that he hit the vehicle at County Road 130 and attempted to get a way.

State Troopers with the Mississippi Highway Patrol arrived shortly thereafter and was seen placing the driver into handcuffs and transported to the Clarke County Jail.

Officials confirm that David Lee Goff, 29 of Laurel has been charged with; Leaving the Scene of an Accident and Switched Tag.

After the incident the victim of the white car went to H. C. Watkins for minor injury evaluation.

Mississippi Highway Patrol is in charge of the investigation.

Clarke County Sheriff’s Office and Paratech EMS also responded to the scene.

Will post further as it becomes available.