Clarke County Sheriffs Office hosts First Hands and Narcan Training for local First Responders and Statewide Officials.

Our Friends at UMMC AirCare utilized the Christmas break to extend an invite to SRO’s (School Resource Officers) around the state that could attend and not neglect their daily school obligations.

“First Hands” is an initial first response training for bleeding to include tourniquets, wounds packing, etc. It also includes basic first aid and recognition of heart attacks, strokes, and how to treat someone who is unresponsive.

Apporx. 85 first responders from multiple agencies attended the training from all over the State of Mississippi, most of which included Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and 911 Communiations / Dispatchers.

CCHT was honored to be able to attend the class to see first hand what these first responders deal with with certain types of emergency situations.

PSSD (Public Safety Support Division) with Mississippi Center of Emergency Services at UMMC provided the training and supplies to officers and first responders through al federal funded grant opportunity.

At the completion of the training, all participants receieved a small trauma kit with several life-saving items that was discussed during the class.

We thank UMMC AirCare for playing a vital role within our communities, not only to teach these types of classes, but also help save lives for those who may be in rual areas where EMS service may be limited or take longer to arrive.