EMEPA Customers along Highway 18 East at/near Highway 45, four-lane will be experincing a power outage due to a utiltiy pole being replaced. Everyone on this same line will be without power.

This emergency replacment is needed after a vehicle left Highway 18 and struck the power pole. EMEPA Officials looked at the damage and determined it needed to be replaced immediately.

The pole as seen in the photos, has been broken at both the top and bottom which caused a great deal of concern.

There were no injuries involved in the crash that caused this. East Quitman Fire Department, Clarke County Sheriff Deputies and State Troopers with the Mississippi Highway Patrol responded to the scene.

There is no need to call to report this outage to the power company or the Clarke County Dispatch as everyone is already aware of what’s going on.

EMEPA estimates the repairs to take place until daylight but are doing everything they can to get things fixed sooner than that.

Please share to help let everyone know whats going on.