Suspect Slams into Deputy During High Speed Chase

Chief Deputy Barry White

Chief Deputy Barry White tells CCHT that a Clarke County Sheriff vehicle was involved in an accident following a high-speed chase Saturday night which lead into Clarke County from the City of Meridian.

It all began on 29th Avenue in Meridian when 37-year-old Glenn B. George II (w/m) led Lauderdale County Deputies on a dangerous pursuit down Highway 11 South. Speeds reached more than 110 mph during the chase.

Chief White says the fleeing vehicle deliberately and intentionally slammed into the rear and side of Clarke County Deputy Anthony Chancelor’s patrol vehicle as soon as the chase entered Clarke County in an attempt to evade pursuing officers.

One witness tells CCHT their very thankful the chase was brought to an end before it entered the Town of Enterprise city limits. Others also stated they were thankful since it was prom night and many Enterprise High School students were out-and-about on the roads.

Deputy Chancelor used his patrol vehicle to attempt a “rolling traffic stop” which is commonly used to reduce dangerous high-speed pursuit vehicles to a slower speed. Often times the fleeing suspect will adhere to law enforcement demands at slower speeds and will likely surrender.

Rolling traffic stops have also proved very successful in helping to prevent loss of life of innocent people, reduce injury to law enforcement officers as well as the suspect and to eliminate the possibility of further damages to personal property.

George was arrested with a female passenger that was later released. There were no injuries involved during the chase and crash during apprehension.

George is charges with multiple traffic violations, as well as, felony fleeing and eluding, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of paraphernalia.

George’s total bond is set at $15,000, however, he is on multiple holds for other agencies.

Deputy Chancelor’s patrol vehicle was towed from the scene with extensive damage from impact from the suspect vehicle.

CCHT would like to commend Deputy Chancelor for assisting other agencies in bringing this dangerous high-speed chase to an end before the suspect took an innocent life.

The chase ended on Highway 11 near Dollar Lake / County Road 377 in the Basic City Community.