This story isn’t related to Clarke County but CCHT would like to sent a very special and sincere “Thank-You” to Jones County Sheriff Deputy Adam Cochran (Jones 21) for his help today.

CCHT admin. had to run an errand which led us to Jones County first thing this morning. Once at our destination we began to experience vehicle issues which in return left us stranded.

Not only was it hot & humid outside, it also started to drizzle rain making things worse while trying to diagnose the mechanical issues.

We called a few mechanics (from Meridian / Laurel) but being that far away, none could really help us. After nearly 45 mins. (and being our last resort) we decided to call Jones County Communications to see if they could send us some help.

The dispatcher connected us via phone to Deputy Adam Cochran who I explained my mechanical problem to and without hesitation Deputy Cochran responded to the location even stopping by the store to pick up an item that he thought would help solve the issue.

Once arrived he helped get the vehicle back started again which it was still having some issues but was MUCH better than before. Deputy Cochran could’ve had a million other things to do this morning, but instead stayed with us the entire time to make sure we were safe. (even offered us water).

With the Deputies help and after calling Scott Dedwylder we finally got the vehicle going back towards Clarke County, Scott told us to stop by his shop and he would take a look at the problem for us.

Thanks to these guys, we made it back home safely and got the problem resolved. CCHT would like to say Thanks to Deputy Cochran and Scott Dedwylder for getting us back on the right track today, Your service and gratitude will never go unnoticed.

This is why CCHT will always support and continue to #BackTheBlue(and our local first responders and wrecker services).

We ask our Jones County CCHT fans to please share this in hopes of reaching out to Deputy Cochran for the help he provided us today. God Bless You Sir!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!