Bella is now on Her Way Back to Missouri

Her name is “Bella”, a 7 month old miniature pinscher from the State of Florida (Pensacola) which she was on a journey to her new home in Missouri. The owners traveled to pick her up which landed them in Quitman, Mississippi Friday afternoon after what was suppose to be a quick stop for food and bathroom break lasted for nearly three days.

The owners reached out to CCHT and asked if we could help find Bella after she got loose at McDonald’s in Quitman. We posted a story and automatically got a response from the manager of ACE Hardware saying Bella was at the store. The manager gave her food and water but bolted into a nearby field before the owners could capture her.

Live traps baited with food and water were put in place by out very own Steve Neeley of Creature Comforts Clarke County along with a foot chase which ensued for a couple of hours late Friday evening but to no avail; still no luck.

After long and tireless days and nights the owners never left the area in which Bella was hiding. After CCHT made several updated post about Bella still being it in the woods, it then became a community-wide effort from people all over coming to help.

Neeley sent CCHT a message at approx. 6:am Sunday morning with the following attached photo and said “Bella is on her way back to Missouri this morning”.

CCHT would like to thank everyone for sharing this story and an extra special thanks to all those who came out and helped try to capture her over the past 2 days/night.

Bella’s owners Greg and Kathy will never forget the amount of love and gratitude shown to them during their “stay-over” in Quitman / Clarke County, Mississippi.