Shots Fired at CCSO Deputies

Sheriff Todd Kemp tells CCHT a man has been taken into custody without incident after a standoff that lasted approx. 2 hours. Deputies were first dispatched to the home just after 4:pm where the homeowner stated someone was inside his home. After investigating, Deputies cleared the area and determined nobody was inside. The homeowner was satisfied with the findings and everyone went about their way.

Approx. one hour later, deputies were called back to the same house after family members and nearby neighbors reported several gunshots coming from the home. Once deputies arrived for the second time, the man then opened fire on them. Deputies immediately retreated to safety and called for more units for backup.

While awaiting backup, the man suddenly fired another shot from inside the home at them. Sheriff Todd Kemp along with CCSO investigators arrived shortly thereafter and began trying to communicate with the individual by using the intercom on their patrol vehicle.

After several moments of trying to talk the man out of the home failed, the Mississippi Highway Patrol S.W.A.T. Team arrived to assist deputies with the scene.

Once SWAT arrived, the man began to exit the home by busting and jumping out of the front bedroom window where he was quickly taken into custody without incident.

All law officers were unharmed during the incident and Sheriff Kemp thanked everyone who came to assist. The man was taken to the Clarke County Jail where charges are currently unknown at this time.

Multiple officials were on scene including: Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Clarke County Investigators, Mississippi Highway Patrol SWAT, Enterprise Police Department, Clarke County Emergency Management Agency and Paratech EMS.

CCHT will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as we get them from officials.