High Speed Pursuit though Clarke County

State Troopers with the Mississippi Highway Patrol recently attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding on Highway 45 when it failed to yield for blue lights. The vehicle, a older model Dodge Charger black in color eluded Troopers traffic stop, leading law enforcement on a high speed pursuit into the City of Quitman. The vehicle was said to be traveling at speeds upward of 130 mph on U.S. Highway 45. The suspect turned onto Highway 145 and headed south into Quitman where Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp along with other Deputies joined the pursuit.

The suspect vehicle then turned onto Main Street, making the block around Sanders Avenue, then back onto Main Street passing in front of Chefski’s then over to Highway 512.

Once on Highway 512 the charger accelerated off and left law enforcement officers searching the area for it’s whereabouts. Sheriff Kemp said the vehicle turned off Highway 512 onto a county road where the pursuit ended with the vehicle nowhere in sight.

“He almost hit me head on” said Sheriff Kemp, who had to leave the road near A&M Chicken to keep from being struck by the suspect. CCHT Fans sent many reports of the chase in real-time as it was happening and even witnesses who saw the suspect nearly hit several vehicles as it came through Quitman.

“We believe the person(s) driving the vehicle are from this area with the way they knew the roads at those high speeds, If you or anyone you know has information on who lead Deputies and Troopers on this dangerous high speed chase, you’re asked to contact the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office at 601-776-5252 or the Mississippi Highway Patrol at 601-512-0508”.

All reporting parties may remain anonymous when calling.